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Committed to the triple bottom line- profit, people and the planet - we strive to be a paradigm of sustainability. With restaurants all over the world, our efforts are seen locally, and felt globally. We endeavor to meet the needs of today's generation without compromising the needs of those yet to come.

The very existence of Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group's Sustainability Department, is a distinct example of our profound commitment to the environment. This unique dedication to environmental issues is what sets B&B apart. We distinguish our restaurant group from others through our willingness to innovate and take risks. We are: among the first restaurant groups to initiate a corporate no bottled water policy, the first major restaurant group to adopt Meatless Monday, one of the first to have all of our restaurants become Certified Green Restaurants. Constantly adding to our list of firsts, we are nearing completion of our first LEED Certified restaurant. We sourcelocal and seasonal ingredients whenever possible, yet we recognize that being a pioneer in sustainability requires more innovation than just counting food miles. Our environmental consciousness extends far beyond the food we serve at our tables.

Elizabeth Meltz is the force behind two distinct and crucial programs at Batali & Bastianich Hospitality Group: Food Safety and Sustainability. She began her career at B&B as a line cook, but her passion for these two areas led her to eventually become the Director of Food Safety & Sustainability. Supervising over 16 restaurants in New York, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, Elizabeth not only oversees their food safety programs, but has also put B&B on the map as the leader in the green restaurant world. Elizabeth guided each B&B restaurant to become a Certified Green Restaurant. Her effort to "green" the restaurants has led to: a corporate no bottled water policy at the restaurants, full-scale recycling and composting programs, participation in Meatless Mondays and a burgeoning sustainable seafood purchasing program. Elizabeth insures that all B&B HG restaurants are fully compliant with local, state and federal health departments. She has written numerous HACCP plans (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) and oversees strict food allergy program and procedures for B&B restaurants. Outside of the restaurants, Elizabeth has been asked to speak on a number of occasions including the celebrated TEDx events, where she spoke in 2011. She is also a Mario Batali Foundation Board advisory member.